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HP Eprint Setup. Install it on your Android device if it is not installed previously. Click the compatible HP ePrint app from the available list. Click the Install button after the app opens. Accept the terms and conditions and allow access for it. The chosen app starts to download on your mobile device. Wait till the download completes and the app installs on your Android device. HP Printer App Wireless.

Download HP ePrint

Wireless Printer Setup. Open a web browser and go to the ePrint software. Click Download Software and select the operating system. Select Download and save the file to your PC. Install the downloaded HP ePrint software. Double-click the. Agree to the license terms and modify the Installation Settings. Finally, click the Install button and the app installs. Open the web browser on your Mac computer. Go to the HP ePrint Software download page on the browser. Click the Download Software button on the page.

It will prompt you to choose the operating system of your device. Select Mac as the operating system of your computer. Click the Download option and save the file to the Mac device. Go to the HP Connected. Select Create Account and a new account creates. Otherwise, click on Sign In to sign into your account on your PC. HP Connected sends you a Welcome email after creating a new account. If required, click on Add Printer after receiving the message.

Click the Add option. Type a customized email address for your printer and click on Submit. Follow the steps below after installing the HP ePrint software. Check the compatibility before setting up the HP ePrint software. Try to configure the printer settings and basic security. Mention the number of pages to be printed and specify the print settings, and then choose the Print button.

The Finder pop-up window opens on the screen. Navigate to your file and select it so that it appears on your computer. Click the File menu , tap the Print button and then choose the Officejet Pro printer. Modify the required settings and start printing by selecting the Print button. Insert the appropriate paper into the input tray. Place the black and tri-colored cartridges in the slots. Windows: Click the Start menu and tap the Control Panel button. Tap OK and select Print. Now take the printed pages out of the output tray and load them into the main input tray.

Print the other sides by tapping the Continue button. Mac: Open the document and click File, and then select Print. If needed, tap the Show Details button. Look for the Two-sided option on the Print dialog box. If the Two-sided button is available, it indicates that the Officejet Pro printer supports automatic duplexing. Click Print and wait until your Officejet Pro printer finishes the printing process. How to Scan on HP Printer? The Scan pop-up window appears on the Personal Computer.

HP Officejet Pro 9010 Driver and Manual Download

You can alter the resolution on the Scan dialog box. To see the preview of the item to be scanned, tap the Scan option. Click Edit to make any changes to your document and choose Apply, and then save the scanned file by clicking on the OK button. Open the software on your computer.

Load the item to be scanned on the flatbed scanner glass located on the Officejet Pro printer. Click on the wrench like icon; it is the Settings option.

How to Print From Your iPad

Choose the type of item you are going to scan such as a photo or document. Tap either the Scan Picture or Scan Document option and do not continue until the device completes the scanning process. Select the right location to save the scan and then tap the OK button.

How To Print from macOS to an HP Printer Using Wi-Fi Direct - HP Printers - HP

Now turn On the Scan to email feature. Hit Settings and choose the document type as Photo or Document. The item gets scanned by the Officejet Pro printer and sent to the receiver automatically. If the file is placed in the ADF slot, press the Save button to end the process.

Scan the other pages and tap Save and then select the PDF button. Modify the folder name if needed and choose Save. Keep a stack of white papers into the main input tray. Place the black and tri-color cartridges. Download and launch the ePrint application on your mobile phone.

Tap the ePrint application icon to open the same. Type the email address in the correct field and click the Activate option. Check if the PIN is sent to an authorized email address. Type the code in the ePrint app and select Activate. Switch On your Officejet printer by long pressing its Power button. Load a sufficient amount of A4 papers into the main input tray. Make sure to install the genuine black and tri-colored cartridges.

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Open the app that contains the file to be printed on the Apple device. Select the Share icon and then tap the Print option. Choose Select Printer and choose the Officejet Pro printer. Mention the number of pages to be printed and tap Print on the upper right corner of the Apple screen. Launch the Mopria Print Service application from the respective Store present on your mobile phone.

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After downloading, open the Mopria Print Service app. Enable the Mopria Print Service by selecting the On option. On your mobile, open the file to be printed. Select the Menu button and then choose the Print option. Choose the Officejet Pro printer by pressing the down arrow key. Change the required settings by making use of the arrow buttons.

Now begin the print job by touching the Print icon. From the Start dialog box, click Settings. Locate your Officejet Pro printer with Direct in the name. Now click the Add Device option. Open the item you need to print, click File, and choose Print. Select your Officejet Pro printer and then tap the Print button. Tap the Up and Down arrow keys and then choose the Preferences option. Else, click Tools and then hit the Restore Network Defaults button. Highlight the Restore Defaults button and tap OK; this ends the factory reset process. You can also reset the factory settings using another method.

Switch Off the Officejet Pro printer and remove the electrical cable from the back. Wait for about thirty to fifty seconds and then reattach the cord into the Officejet Pro printer. Long press and hold the Resume button on your Hewlett Packard printer. Release the Resume button after the Attention lamp switches On; this finishes the factory reset process. Why Officejet Pro is Offline?

Download HP ePrint

Choose the Printer button on the window that appears on the computer. Select the Use Printer Online option and then check if the error has resolved. Delete all the pending print tasks. Remove the driver from the Personal Computer. Get the latest version of the driver from this web page.

Try troubleshooting the connection between your Officejet Pro printer and computer. Why HP Wont Scan?

Make sure that the flatbed scanner glass is clean. Else, wipe the same using a clean cloth and then do a scan job. Utilize the self-diagnostic app created by HP called the Print and Scan Doctor to sort out the scanning issue.