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CryptoQuote makes solving these puzzles fun and easy by taking advantage of your Mac to provide features which make it easier than working on paper! John Haney Modification Date: February 17, Requirements: This game is educational fun for the whole family and includes dozens of built-in categories, unlimited custom categories and much more. Ken Winograd Modification Date: February 7, Requirements: This Apple award winner is loved for its intuitive play and beautiful design. Players take turns spelling words to capture the board. Player with the most points wins!

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Solebon Modification Date: June 15, Requirements: July 27, Requirements: Ruzzle is a fast-paced and addictively fun word game. Challenge your friends or random players to find as many words as possible in two minutes. Swipe over the scrambled letters to form the words and use bonus tiles to collect more points than your opponent. The game is played in three rounds, each played whenever suits you. Have two minutes to spare?

Challenge yourself and your friends in Ruzzle! Ruzzle can be played in 14 languages.

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February 16, Requirements: Swap letters to build words, then cross out words to remove them from the board. You must plan ahead to build longer words with the fewest swaps. If you're really clever you can clear the board. For a livelier challenge try the fast-paced Beat the Clock mode! Letter swaps won't cost you any points but you only have 12 seconds to cross out each valid word.

Word game puzzles have a variety of different game mechanics. Some word games involve guessing the hidden word while others involve creatively using word tiles to construct new words. Props like paper or boards are not always needed, with the word game charades involving only purely physical actions to convey a word to others.

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Word games are some of the most enduring games in terms of popularity and the games are enjoyed by all ages and demographics of people irrespective to social or economic status. The history of word style games is almost as vast and broad as the history of human language itself. Perhaps the best way to explore the history of this genre is to learn about the origins of some of the most popular word games played today. Hangman - The history of Hangman is hard to track but the game is believed to have originated sometime after the year The game was referred to as Birds, Beasts and Fishes in the book Traditional Games which was published in The name of the game evolved from that whimsical title to Gallows, Game of Hangin and eventually Hanger.

Word Search - Word soup style puzzles were the precursors of the modern word search. A word search is a grid type puzzle developed by Norman E.

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Gibat in for a magazine given away by Safeway stores. The word search puzzle is relatively young in comparison to other puzzle games but word searches have maintained a steady level of popularity ever since their creation. Entire books devoted only to word searches are commonplace in bookstores and they are a staple in newspapers as well. Scattergories - Scattergories was first manufactured in following the popularity of other word games such as Scrabble and Boggle. One of the most interesting features of the game Scattergories is the unique 20 sided die.

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No two words may be repeated, so a strong vocabulary is the key to success when playing this game. Scrabble - This is the game that truly put social word games on the map. Scrabble was developed in by an architect named Alfred Mosher Butts. He conducted word frequency tests in order to calculate how many tiles of each letter would be needed for a playable game. The rights for Criss-Crosswords were purchased by James Brunot in and he is responsible for changing the name to Scrabble. He also tweaked the premium spaces on the board somewhat, further modifying the original concept.

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With a new name and marketing campaign, Scrabble became the popular word game it is today. It is sold in a whopping countries and is available in 29 different languages. The computer version of the game has seen major success as well, proving that word games easily translate to new formats. Scrabble is played on a 15x15 board using flat letter tiles.

The gameplay is similar to building a traditional crossword style puzzle and games consist of anywhere from 2 to 4 players.

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Scrabble has its own special dictionary that most players insist on following though any dictionary may be used. Hardcore Scrabble players tend to develop a specialized vocabulary of words that are beneficial to know during gameplay, such as the infamous Q without U words including Qi, Qat, Qaid and Qoph. These words are rarely useful in real life but are very valuable during competitive gameplay.